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The PPWCA is a group of volunteers whose mission is to preserve and protect the unique quality and character of Pachaug Pond by developing a comprehensive management plan and educating the public in environmental aquatics that will protect, preserve, and enhance the ecological and water quality of the pond to the benefit of all.


In response to growing concerns about the aquatic invasive species in our town's ponds, Griswold's First Selectmen established a Pond Weed Study Commission in November of 2016.  This committee is intended to engage residents in activities to combat weed growth in Ashland, Glasgo, Hopeville, and Pachaug Ponds.  


Because all of the concerns raised were around the quality of Pachaug Pond, a second organization, the Pachaug Pond Weed Control Association, Inc. (PPWCA) was established in February, 2017 and members and officers for its Board were elected.  We are a public charity with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status (EIN: 82-2067695). We established a structure for membership in our organization,  initiated a fundraising campaign and contracted for a survey of the weeds and water quality in Pachaug Pond.  We then engaged in comprehensive research into possible strategies for weed control.  We looked at methods used successfully in other ponds, the costs and regulations regarding their implementation, and then determined which would be most effective for our pond.  It was the unanimous decision of our group that we should purchase a mechanical weed harvester. It is our goal to raise the necessary funds to purchase the harvester prior to the summer of 2019. 


To view a presentation explaining our research, click here.

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